I Am The Okelo

Hi, I am The Okelo, an Electrical & Electronic Engineering student who is mostly interested in the Electronic part of his course work. I swear, if there was a standalone Electronic Engineering course around, I’d be elated; but we deal with the hand that we got.

I recently got intrigued by the whole maker movement mostly because of the whole DIY (Do It Yourself) aspect towards it, and also the creative freedom that it allows one to have while learning new things. I’ve been seeing guys doing really amazing projects with the Arduino and Raspberry Pi and I want to have a piece of that pie (I made a pun Smile)

Therefore, the purpose of this blog is basically to share my experience as I start experimenting with these prototyping boards because at the moment I consider myself a newb, but someday…, someday I’ll be a pro. And maybe even encourage some souls to join the maker movement!

Also, I don’t know much about the maker movement in Kenya, so I’m hoping maybe along the way I’ll make some cool friends and get to see how far reaching it actually is.

So you are welcome to tag along with me as I learn through experimentation how to hack together, oh I don’t know, an automaton (a guy can dream) and you are more than welcome, in fact encouraged, to post comments so we can share ideas and stuff.

So I am The Okelo, and this is my tinkering blog.

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