This is a collection of short films that I typically make for my Whatsapp Status that I am now giving a home hear. These are usually quick ideas that I work on that I’ll probably adapt into a full fledged blog post or YouTube video. But it’s mostly an avenue for me to express my creativity.

Hope you enjoy it, it is made mostly for your entertainment and a little bit for your enlightenment 😉.

Finding the centre of a circle given three points (-4,0), (-3,-3), (4,4) and its axis is on the x-axis

Transient Response Compensation – MATLAB

Drawing the root locus

These breadboards are flippin’ awesome!!!

Beginnings of an Analogue Circuit

Okelo’s Tips – Easy way to do vector cross product

Durality Duality Theorem

Good Lighting

Building the Snake Prototype Breadboard

Previously on Project 8-bit

Astable, Bistalbe, Monostable 555 Timer

Part 001 of Many – The Clock

Deriving Waveguide Equations

Sum of Cosines/Sines

Bode Magnitude and Phase

Partial Fraction Manipulation

Maclaurin Series