One of the things that you need to do when sketching the root locus in Control Theory is determining where the breakin/breakaway point are. Literature suggests that you could use differentiation, which is time consuming, or use the negated poles and zeros of G(s)H(s) which is error prone. Here I give a tip on how to get the breakin/breakaway points as easily as possible.

Just a disclaimer, Okelo’s Tips are not lessons, these are just suggestions as to how to solve problems in a fast way, secrets of the trade. Do take the time to learn the concepts covered thoroughly on your own by reading a textbook or however you learn best.
A little story behind why I upgraded to an SSD and also how to migrate your data from an existing HDD to your brand new SSD.
A fun unboxing video that I made of a rework station I got from downtown Nairobi. Will probably do a proper review of it somewhere along the line. Also, new videos will be coming soon 😉

This was my favourite project of 2018, it was a learning by project kind of scenario and I loved it. PLCs can be quite interesting, once you get round to understanding them.

I was not going to upload this video, but damn, this is a beautifully edited work of art. Check out the full video https://youtu.be/kYziEWswXyQ

Every channel needs an introduction. This however, isn’t all that comprehensive, more will be revealed over time.