“What Have You Been up to Mr. Okelo?”


Time can seem to pass quickly at times. It’s already March and there’s still so much that I had planned to do, and still haven’t 😬.

I haven’t blogged in a long time and I’ve missed it. It hasn’t been because I haven’t been doing anything, no. It’s actually because I’ve been doing a bit too much! I got this huge lump of free time dumped onto my hands and I decided to use it to explore as much as I can.

I’ve been reading up on topics ranging from Machine Learning to Power Generation, and I’m having a good time of it.

Of course the down side of all my meanderings is that I hardly get the time to sink my teeth deep into a particular subject and it’s a point of frustration that I’m facing. Nonetheless, I’ve been figuring out a nice little niche that I want to place myself within.

I’ve also been aggressive with building my little library of electronic components because it’s a whole different experience when you play with something practically rather than just theoretically.

There are a lot of tutorials I have lined up in my head that I’m simply trying to figure out how to best present it because all this knowledge that I’m acquiring has to be documented for future reference. That’s the biggest hurdle that I’m trying to get over now but I’m hopeful March will be an enthralling month than the past couple have been. I feel as though I’m finally settling into my skin.

2 thoughts on ““What Have You Been up to Mr. Okelo?”

  1. I like the write up. All the best with the tutorials, I’m sure they’ll be well produced.

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