Will You Eat the Whole Damn Cake Alone – Learning to Delegate

I’ve been a lone wolf for most of my life. Not because I wanted to, but to some extent out of necessity.

There have been very few instances in which I joined a team and it felt like home.

The reason why I prefer lone wolfing is because I typically have a very specific vision that I want to execute and I am not willing to compromise on mediocrity. However this sentiment is not shared by most people.

In one of my school assignments, I divided duties on tasks to be done and what I got back could only be described as a pile of donkey shit. In one instance someone literally copy pasted stuff from different factions of the internet and they couldn’t be bothered to edit the work to the prescribed format, like how hard is that?

In another instance work was divided and in my oversight I forgot to assign a particular task. No wait, that’s a story for a different day.

Anyway, I have a specific vision in mind and I’ve often found it difficult to oscillate at the same frequency of excitement as I do, so I’ve often resorted to a team of one as my safety zone.

But at some point when your ambition grows, you can’t do it all on your own and you need to build a team that you can trust. Also when an idea is kind of generational, you have to find a way of getting it to a point whereby it can sustain itself without you in the picture.

Recently a friend that I was working with on a project blatantly told me that I cannot be everything, and I came to realise that I have to learn to relinquish this control that I have to and learn how to delegate. I’ve got to learn how to build a team and how to sell a vision. I’ve got to learn how to target the right people and how to ask for help and know whether it will be forthcoming or not.

Part of delegating is accepting that, sure, some of these fools won’t do the work to the point that I’d like, and beyond a particular point I’m just nitpicking, but its a skill. You need to know the kinds of people that you can give a rough skeleton and they will bring you something completely fleshed out because they are creative beasts; and you need to know the robots, those whom you’ve got to give instructions to the T for them to deliver; and you’ve also got to know of the freaking lazies, the worst kind of creatures that there could ever be when working in a team.

Sometimes delegating quickly descends into managing people and that sometimes isn’t fun but it becomes a necessary evil because there is a limit to how thin you can stretch yourself.

So while this delegating thing is still new to me, I like putting myself in strange and unfamiliar situations so I can level up. The beauty about life is that if you traverse it with an open mind, you could learn something new at every turn.

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