Idea to Market: Discontinuation of the Series

Sometimes, it is good to know when to let go of something. This is one of those things.

I started writing this series way back in February, and I only managed to put out 3 of what was to be a 7 part series. And every time I thought of writing the 4th part, I’d always find a reason to push it forward.

The problem that came with procrastinating on the work was the farther I got from the actual events of the training, the more I forgot the details of what went on and I needed to rely on my notes. Unfortunately, my notes were not as comprehensive as I would have liked them to be so I’d have to take time to decipher them, but I was not interested in doing that.

Thing is, I wanted to finish this series before I embarked on writing on other topics, so it kind of has been holding me back. So it is with heavy heart that I have finally decided to let this series end to allow me to pursue other varying interests.

So much has changed between February and now, and the kinds of things that I want to talk about have also evolved, so I’m going to write about that now, and let the old remain in the past.

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