Why You Need a Timeline

A while back, I wrote on the importance of coming up with a plan. So let’s say that you’ve gone through the arduous task of drafting a plan of action, what next?

A timeline.

Thing is, if you come up with a plan, but you don’t have a timeline within which to execute it, you might get lax and get stuck in what I call development hell.

A timeline can also be a measure of progress and a way of gauging your success rate.

When plans are made, we tend to make them while in a state of euphoric utopia, we think that we can fuel our ambitions with the shear will power; bullshit.

If you do not set a timeline within which to execute your plan, then that plan is basically useless. That is the truth.

To execute a plan, you will have to go through varying sets of growing pains: things might work, others probably won’t. Nonetheless, you need to know when you are making progress and when you are simply treading water.

Coming up with a timeline can be a painful experience because it forces you to be accountable. Accountability sucks. Accountability exposes flaws in living colour, sometimes we do not want to see our flaws. We simply want to assume their existence and imagine ourselves perfect, but we are far from it.

So you have to keep yourself in check while in pursuit of your ambition. A plan is the first step towards a goal; the next step is a timeline, after you have this in place, you know what you’ve got to do next right?

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